Ending Preventable Child Deaths From Severe Malnutrition By 2030 Will Take ‘Concrete Action,’ ‘Political Will’

Thomson Reuters Foundation: World leaders must act fast to keep promise to end child deaths by 2030
Jean-Michel Grand, executive director of Action Against Hunger U.K.

“…Progress in the fight to end child hunger has stagnated in the past year. At the current pace, it could take 150 years to eliminate preventable child deaths from severe malnutrition. That is simply unacceptable. … On World Food Day 2016, we are closer than ever to our vision of a world without hunger. In the past decade we have made considerable progress in the treatment of severe malnutrition. … Today, we are at a crossroads. If the world truly wants to make good on its promise to end preventable child deaths by 2030 we need commitments to be translated into concrete action. We need political will for children to access treatment. That is why, as part of a new coalition of leading international aid organizations called No Wasted Lives, Action Against Hunger has committed to doubling the number of children receiving life-saving treatment for severe malnutrition to six million a year by 2020…” (10/14).