Ending HIV, TB, Malaria Requires Stronger Health Systems, Universal Access To Care

Huffington Post: We Are in This Boat Together
Mustapha Kaloko, Africa Union commissioner for social affairs

“…This week, I will join fellow global health leaders and representatives of the Global Fund partnership in Tokyo to address the challenge of funding stronger health systems to end HIV, TB, and malaria as epidemics, better contain emerging health threats like last year’s Ebola outbreak, and provide universal access to health care. It is these types of systems that make the difference in a disease outbreak. … Our mission to end HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria is far from over and we need to reach deep into the communities where the diseases are most concentrated and build sophisticated, bespoke responses. … We are on the right side of the tipping point for ending AIDS, TB, and malaria as epidemics, but our eventual success hangs in the balance of our health systems and capacity to realize universal health care” (12/15).