Emergency Food Aid Urgently Needed To Avert Hunger Caused By Boko Haram

New York Times: Boko Haram and Mass Starvation
Editorial Board

“…The United Nations says more than 50,000 people in northern Nigeria are in imminent danger of starvation, cut off from help in areas where it is too dangerous for aid workers to travel, and that some 1.4 million people in the region lack sufficient food supplies. … This dire situation will only get worse unless action is taken now to avert future hunger. United Nations agencies providing vital assistance in the region are woefully underfinanced and urgently need help from national and individual donors. Getting emergency food aid to the 50,000 people in immediate danger of starvation must be a priority for Nigerian and coalition forces. Tens of thousands of civilians cannot be allowed to die in the effort to starve out Boko Haram…” (3/10).