Millions Face Hunger, Starvation In Northeastern Nigeria Due To Boko Haram Insurgency

Washington Post: ‘A famine unlike any we have ever seen’
“They survived Boko Haram. Now many of them are on the brink of starvation. Across the northeastern corner of [Nigeria], more than three million people displaced and isolated by the militants are facing one of the world’s biggest humanitarian disasters. … The staggering hunger crisis created by the insurgents has been largely hidden from view, partly because it has been extremely dangerous for aid groups and journalists to visit the area. But institutional failures have exacerbated the situation: For over a year, the United Nations and humanitarian groups dramatically underestimated the size of the disaster, and the Nigerian government refused to acknowledge the huge number of people going hungry in Africa’s second-richest nation. Thousands of people have already died because of the inaction, aid experts say…” (Sieff, 10/13).