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Egyptian Policy Meant To Encourage Exclusive Breastfeeding Too Strict, Some Mothers, Nutritionists Say

News Deeply’s Malnutrition Deeply: In Egypt, a New Policy Triggers a Debate Over Exclusive Breastfeeding
“…[Egyptian o]fficials say limiting access to subsidized formula is the best way to achieve their twin goals of improving early child health by boosting exclusive breastfeeding, while reducing the demand for costly subsidized formula. The program has drawn criticism from some nutritionists, though, who say the government has gone too far. They worry that essentially forcing mothers to breastfeed might actually do more harm than good. … It is not possible yet to say who is right, because the government is still gathering data on exclusive breastfeeding rates and the nutritional status of infants since the policy was introduced…” (el-Sharkawy/Farouk, 2/28).