Efforts To Curb Ebola, Other Disease Outbreaks Should Be Driven By ‘Moral Imperative,’ Not Fear, Experts Write

PLOS Blogs’ “Global Health”: We Need to Stop Ebola — for the Right Reasons
Abraar Karanis, internal medicine resident in the Hiatt Global Health Equity Residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Joia Mukherjee, associate professor at Harvard Medical School and chief medical officer at Partners in Health, write, “We believe it is a grave mistake to solely allow fear and self-preservation to shape our response to Ebola and other epidemic-prone diseases. By allowing fear to drive our response, we risk playing a reactive rather than proactive hand. … Rather than build our support on fear, it should be driven by an immense moral imperative and solidarity. … Of course it is critical that Ebola does not come into the United States — but that should not be the only reason we care or act” (9/12).