Public Should Trust Vaccines To Protect Against Infectious Disease Outbreaks, Opinion Piece Says

The Hill: Deadly measles and Ebola outbreaks show why vaccinations are so essential
Marc Siegel, professor of medicine and medical director of Doctor Radio at NYU Langone Health, and Fox News medical correspondent

“Vaccines are our greatest public health tool in the war against emerging and re-emerging bacteria and viruses, a war that is being fought and won, or fought and lost, across the globe every day. … As vaccine engineering evolves, public utilization needs to evolve along with it. As a practicing internist, I understand the irrational fear a patient may have of putting a manufactured protein into his or her body. But this fear needs to be combated with rational information along with a smattering of public conscience. Patients should be more afraid of the various diseases that vaccines are meant to protect us all against rather than fearing the vaccines themselves, whether the pathogen is the wildly spreading measles virus or the highly deadly Ebola” (12/10).