Efforts Increasing To Treat Cancer In Low-, Middle-Income Countries

News outlets examine efforts to improve access to cancer treatments in Malawi and India.

Financial Times: Cancer eclipsed as global donors focus on other diseases
“…The international focus on HIV, malaria and tuberculosis — with billions of dollars spent annually under the umbrella of the UN Millennium Development Goals — has dramatically reduced their impact in Africa. But the well-intentioned focus on these three diseases has meant less attention and funding for nontransmissible illnesses such as cancer…” (Blas, 12/30).

New York Times: India’s Efforts to Aid Poor Worry Drug Makers
“…The skirmishing over Herceptin and other cancer medicines is part of a new and critical phase in a struggle to make drugs affordable to the world’s poorest people, one that began in earnest more than a decade ago when advocates campaigned successfully to make AIDS medicines accessible to millions of Africans…” (Harris, 12/29).