Editorials, Opinion Pieces Discuss Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, Global Response

Wall Street Journal: China’s Taiwan Quarantine
Editorial Board

“…[A]mid this public health emergency, China is playing power politics at the world’s peril in its treatment of Taiwan. … The WHO has held two emergency meetings since the coronavirus outbreak. Taiwan wasn’t permitted to attend, despite its proximity to China and its handful of confirmed cases. … China’s bullying ought to be intolerable amid the coronavirus outbreak. As the single largest contributor to the WHO, the United States should make that clear to Beijing” (2/4).

Washington Post: In combating coronavirus, slamming the door to China will hurt more than help
Editorial Board

“…Physical isolation, rapid diagnostics of suspected cases, and monitoring of others can be vital tools. … China’s draconian lockdown of Wuhan and other cities was an attempt to physically contain the outbreak … But there is a serious possibility the virus will spread. … [T]hose who have been through this before wisely counsel that shutting down air routes and disrupting trade for a prolonged period will hurt more than it will help. Supply chains that are critical to the global economy, involving autos, technology, and even the surgical face masks so ubiquitous in recent weeks, emanate from China and are vital to everyone else. We must move on from emotion and fear to the immense practical needs of coping with the new coronavirus if it becomes a global pandemic. Surveillance, diagnostics, and improving capacity in health care systems, as well as new therapies, are practical priorities” (2/5).

Bloomberg: Coronavirus Would Be Worse Without the Web
Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg Opinion columnist (2/5).

Bloomberg: Quarantines and Travel Bans May Not Stop Coronavirus Now
Faye Flam, Bloomberg Opinion columnist (2/5).

Devex: Opinion: The danger of misinformation in a global health emergency
Vivianne Ihekweazu, managing director of Nigeria Health Watch (2/5).

The Guardian: Letters: Issues raised by coronavirus in geopolitics, science and economics
David YL Lin, representative at the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom, and Robert East, emeritus professor of consumer behavior at Kingston University (2/5).