Ebola Vaccinations Begin Among Health Workers In DRC; Conflict Complicating Prevention Efforts

Associated Press: Ebola vaccinations begin in Congo’s latest deadly outbreak
“Ebola vaccinations began Wednesday for Congo’s latest outbreak of the deadly virus that has already claimed at least nine lives…” (Maliro/Petesch, 8/8).

Deutsche Welle: Ebola vaccinations begin in DR Congo to combat latest outbreak
“…An experimental vaccine is being used after it proved successful during its first wide-scale usage during the recent outbreak in Equateur Province…” (Mules, 8/8).

The Guardian: Congo turmoil means Ebola vaccinators will need armed escorts, experts warn
“Armed escorts will be required to protect vaccination teams as they battle to contain Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the World Health Organization has warned…” (Boseley, 8/8).

Reuters: Congo starts vaccinating health workers against Ebola
“… ‘Around 40 health workers are expected to be vaccinated today [Wednesday]; by end of the week, once all the necessary steps are in place, vaccination of community contacts and their contacts will commence,’ WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said…” (Mahamba et al., 8/8).

Washington Post: Ebola is spreading again in Congo — this time in an active war zone
“…This is Congo’s 10th Ebola outbreak since the 1970s, and some health officials are worried it might be the hardest to contain. The new outbreak is centered on a thickly populated stretch of Congo’s eastern border with Uganda — an area that is also the epicenter of decades-long clashes between dozens of militias that have forced millions into squalid refu­gee camps…” (Bearak, 8/8).