Ebola Treatment Trials To Be Fast-Tracked; Regulators Allow Use Of Canadian Drug

News outlets report on progress to develop an Ebola vaccine and allow the use of experimental drugs to treat the disease.

Deutsche Welle: Ebola vaccine: fast-tracked for all?
“Researchers are running human trials on a candidate Ebola vaccine, which, if successful, they hope to roll out by the end of this year in West Africa. Professor Adrian Hill, who heads the Jenner Institute and these trials, tells us more…” (Abbany, 9/22).

Reuters: Ebola drug trials to be fast-tracked in West Africa
“Experimental Ebola drugs including compounds from Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Sarepta, and Tekmira will be tested in affected West African states for the first time in a bid to fast-track trials, the Wellcome Trust said on Tuesday…” (Kelland, 9/23).

Reuters: U.S., Canada allow emergency use of Tekmira’s Ebola treatment
“Canadian drugmaker Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp said on Monday that U.S. and Canadian regulators have authorized the use of its Ebola treatment in patients who have confirmed or suspected infections from the deadly virus…” (Penumudi/Nickel, 9/22).

Wall Street Journal: Experimental Ebola Drug Gets Nod From FDA
“…Tekmira said it already has provided its drug, known as TKM-Ebola, to several patients under emergency protocols, and repeated infusions have been ‘well tolerated.’ The company didn’t say how many patients have been treated or where the drug was used…” (Loftus, 9/22).