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Ebola Outbreak Brought Partners Together To Respond To Crisis, Providing Lessons For Future Epidemics

Huffington Post: Ebola and the Accidental Consortia
Julia Barnes-Weise and Ana Santos Rutschman of the Innovation Technology Policy Lab at Duke University

“The global response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak was unusual. Mobilization of key players was relatively fast and once they entered the game these players — and the groundbreaking web of partnerships that emerged — accelerated the development and deployment of Ebola vaccines in unprecedented ways. … From the depths of a devastating disease, an unplanned case study in overcoming a disconnected system to deal with global health crises has emerged. The success of and learnings from these alliances of parties … provides a path, that, along with more focused and consistent resources behind [them] in the future, provide more effective parameters for fighting future global epidemics” (4/7).