International Community Must Heed Lessons Learned In Ebola Outbreaks To Prevent Future Epidemics

The Guardian: We’ve halted the spread of deadly Ebola in Congo — so what went right?
Oly Ilunga Kalenga, minister of health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“…With our partners, we applied many of the lessons learned from our experiences in both West Africa and DRC. … While Ebola remains a formidable challenge for DRC and the rest of the world, we raised the bar on our own ability as a country to detect and respond effectively to outbreaks despite highly challenging circumstances. We must continue to improve our capacity to contain diseases and prepare for Ebola outbreak number 10, which we know will happen. This ninth Ebola outbreak in DRC was unlike any other, but the lessons learned here can be applied anywhere in the world. … [I]t is in our common interest to achieve global health security. The first step is to learn from each other and take responsibility by improving our capacity to detect and respond to any outbreak that starts within our national borders” (7/25).