Ebola In Semen Of Male Survivors Poses Challenge For Disease Control, WHO Official Says

Reuters: Sex and masturbation may hamper Ebola eradication efforts
“Isolated flare-ups of Ebola may point to a higher risk of transmission via the semen of male survivors than previously thought, undermining hopes of ending West Africa’s deadly outbreak by the end of the year. The World Health Organization’s advice is that all male survivors should be tested three months after the onset of symptoms and then monthly until they know they have no risk of passing on the virus through their semen, Bruce Aylward, head of the WHO’s Ebola response, told a news conference…” (Miles, 9/9).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. health agency warns Ebola outbreak in West Africa has ‘a very nasty sting in its tail’
“…Aylward described the remaining challenges as residual risk surveillance, sustaining rapid response teams, and survivor engagement and care, which includes the risks of transmission through semen by male survivors of Ebola. Testing for the status of semen is underway, he said, but other precautions are also being looked into such as the vaccination of sexual partners or family members to reduce the risk if someone tests positive. ‘This virus has a very nasty sting in its tail,’ he said…” (9/9).