Ebola Focusing Spotlight On Experimental Drugs, Financial Incentives For Research Into Neglected Disease Treatments

News outlets discuss the use of experimental drugs to treat Ebola and the potential for financial incentives for additional research into treatments.

ABC News: Experimental Ebola Drug’s Role in Americans’ Recoveries Remains Unclear
“American Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly credited doctors, God, and an experimental drug for his recovery today. But experts say it’s unclear whether the drug, known as ZMapp, helped or hindered his recovery…” (Moisse, 8/21).

IRIN: Ebola horror hastens use of test drugs
“Ebola’s devastation in West Africa has catapulted experimental drugs from labs to patients and shaken up vaccine development, which was hitherto patchy as outbreaks of the virus have tended to be spasmodic and geographically limited…” (8/21).

NPR: Would A Prize Help Speed Development Of Ebola Treatments?
“…What would it take to make Ebola drugs a clinical reality? Financial incentives might help. … For Ebola, there may need to be more financial help to get research started and a reward for success…” (Hensley, 8/21).