Ebola Epidemic Response Provides Example Of Gates Foundation’s Global Health Influence

Huffington Post: Bill Gates Won’t Save You From The Next Ebola
“…[In 2014, former CDC Director Thomas] Frieden’s frantic emails [to the Gates Foundation regarding the Ebola epidemic in West Africa] point to the current reality in global health: No single non-governmental institution or individual wields more influence, and no one’s support is more powerful, than the Gates Foundation and its namesake founders, Bill and Melinda Gates. The foundation has $39.6 billion in assets. … When the Gates Foundation takes aim at a disease, it can elicit billions of dollars from governments and reshape the world’s agenda for scientific research. … The foundation’s influence also runs deep within WHO. At the time of the Ebola outbreak, it was the organization’s second-largest donor, following only the U.S. government…” (Fortner/Park, 4/30).