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Ebola Can Lie Dormant But Become Infectious In Recovered Patients, Study Says

NPR: Ebola Carriers? Why The Virus Keeps Coming Back
“Just when health officials think the Ebola outbreak is over in West Africa, the virus pops up again seemingly out of the blue. It’s happened at least five times so far. Now scientists are starting to figure out why: The virus can lie dormant in a survivor for more than year and then re-emerge to infect others. It’s called a ‘persistent infection.’ It’s rare. But it has played a big role in keeping Ebola around in Liberia, an international team of scientists reports Friday in the journal Science Advances…” (Doucleff, 4/29).

Reuters: Study of Liberia Ebola flare-up shows need for longer vigilance
“… ‘It remains unclear … how Ebola virus is able to lay dormant in an infected host, but … the virus may replicate more slowly and persist in immune-privileged sites, such as the eye and testes, long after the acute, symptomatic phase of disease has occurred,’ the researchers wrote…” (Kelland, 4/29).