E.U. To Reallocate More Than €15.6B For International COVID-19 Response; Devex Interactive Tool Examines Coronavirus Funding Data

Devex: E.U. rejigs over €15B in existing aid for coronavirus response
“The European Commission will reallocate more than €15.6 billion ($16.9 billion) to tackle COVID-19 outside the European Union, with the bloc’s foreign affairs chief vowing that no country will be worse off as a result. … The €15.6 billion, of which €5.2 billion came from the European Investment Bank, grew to more than €20 billion by the end of a meeting of E.U. development officials Wednesday, with a further €4 billion from individual E.U. member states and €1 billion from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development…” (Chadwick, 4/8).

Devex: Interactive: Who’s funding the COVID-19 response and what are the priorities?
“Global funding support to prevent, combat, and recover from the impacts of COVID-19 continues to grow. An analysis of Devex funding data between Jan. 1 and April 5 lists 569 initiatives worth $10.9 trillion. Since March 24, an additional 324 initiatives were announced adding a value of $6.3 trillion. … This article will be updated regularly with COVID-19 funding announcements…” (Cornish, 4/8).