E.C. Can Improve R&D Investments For Poverty-Related, Neglected Diseases In 5 Ways

Devex: How the European Commission can boost its global health R&D investments
Sabine Campe, associate director at SEEK Development, and Nick Chapman, director of research at Policy Cures

“…[The European Commission] funds R&D for poverty-related and neglected diseases in much the same way as it funds R&D for other diseases. But the nonprofit nature of these diseases means that what is suitable for diseases with commercial markets can be problematic for R&D on poverty-related and neglected diseases. SEEK Development studied the commission’s funding mechanisms, and have five recommendations for how it can improve its investments: 1. Develop a clear funding strategy for global health R&D. … 2. Fund the entire research cycle. … 3. Relax eligibility requirements to support product developers with necessary expertise. … 4. Ensure new health tools will reach patients and achieve impact. … 5. Leverage the public-private partnership model of IMI…” (3/24).