Dutch Government Invests $10.7M In ‘She Decides’ Fundraising Initiative To Fill Gap Created By U.S.’s Mexico City Policy

Associated Press: ‘She Decides’: Dutch put millions into birth control fund
“The Dutch government announced Saturday it’s putting 10 million euros ($10.7 million) into an international fund it has launched to finance access to birth control, abortion, and sex education for women in developing nations after President Donald Trump [reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy on January 23]. Lilianne Ploumen, the minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, said she was making the initial contribution and launched the fund — ‘She Decides – Global Fundraising Initiative’ — with a website…” (1/28).

Reuters: Dutch commit $10 million to replace lost U.S. abortion funding
“…The Netherlands, which has some of the world’s most liberal laws on reproductive health, said [last] week the fund would seek donations from other governments, charities, and companies, as well as individuals. … Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch minister for international development cooperation, said she was confident after early discussions that fundraising would go a long way toward plugging the gap…” (van den Berg, 1/28).