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Guardian Examines How Trump’s Reinstatement, Expansion Of Mexico City Policy Helped Mobilize Women Worldwide To Campaign For Health, Human Rights

The Guardian: ‘A gift to feminists’: how Trump’s ‘gag rule’ inspired a worldwide movement
“…The reintroduction of the Mexico City policy — or ‘global gag rule’ as it’s commonly known — banned overseas NGOs from receiving U.S. federal funding if they provided any abortion services. … Lilianne Ploumen, the then Dutch minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, called on donors to try to plug the … hole that would be left when the global gag rule came into force later that year. The SheDecides movement was born. … SheDecides has morphed from a top-down urgent international response to Trump’s policies into a growing global grassroots movement campaigning for the fundamental rights of women and girls to have control of their own bodies, everywhere…” (Ford, 12/26).