Drone Delivery Of Vaccines To Remote Vanuatu Islands Called ‘Big Leap For Global Health’

U.N. News: One small flight for a drone, one ‘big leap’ for global health
“…The state-of-the-art craft which transported the vaccine, travelled nearly 40 kilometers over rugged mountain terrain, flying from Dillon’s Bay in western Vanuatu to remote Cook’s Bay — a scattered community accessible only on foot or by small boats — where 13 children and five pregnant women were inoculated by a nurse. Henrietta H. Fore, the executive director of UNICEF said the tiny aircraft’s flight ‘is a big leap for global health’…” (12/18).

VICE News: How a baby in a remote island nation got vaccinated is “a big leap for global health”
“…Island nations — like Vanuatu … — have limited roads, often winding across mountainous terrain, which makes transportation difficult. Plus, many vaccines need to be refrigerated, which can be impossible in remote areas that lack electricity. In Vanuatu, nearly 20 percent of children go without their essential childhood vaccines, according to UNICEF…” (12/18).