Drones To Deliver Medicines, Vaccines, Blood Supplies Across Ghana

Financial Times: Drones to deliver medicines to 12m people in Ghana
“The world’s largest drone delivery network, ferrying 150 different medicines and vaccines, as well as blood, to 2,000 clinics in remote parts of Ghana, is set to be announced on Wednesday. The network represents a big expansion for the Silicon Valley start-up Zipline, which began delivering blood in Rwanda in 2016 using pilotless, preprogrammed aircraft…” (Munshi, 4/24).

Reuters: Drones to deliver vaccines, blood and drugs across Ghana
“…Medics will place orders by text message when supplies run dry, said GAVI Chief Executive Seth Berkley. Drones will then fly in from four distribution centers, hover over health posts, and drop deliveries using tiny parachutes. … The aim is for deliveries to arrive within 30 minutes, Berkley added, meaning emergency treatments such anti-snake venom or rabies shots could arrive in time to save lives…” (Kelland, 4/24).