DRC Says Ebola Outbreak Under Control In Beni, Continues In Katwa, Butembo; Trial Underway To Evaluate Ebola Treatments

CIDRAP News: Ebola under control in Beni amid more cases in other hot spots
“In a promising development in the former Ebola hot spot of Beni, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) [Tuesday] announced that a full Ebola incubation period — 21 days — has passed without any new cases. The announcement came as the country’s health ministry reported four new cases from the current epicenters, Katwa and Butembo…” (Schnirring, 2/19).

Washington Post: New Ebola treatments are being tested in Congo outbreak area
“Amid the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever, the hunt for a lifesaving treatment is on. A clinical trial of patients taking place in Congo is gathering evidence on experimental therapies, to provide a proven option when the deadly virus inevitably emerges again…” (Cunningham, 2/17).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and response is available from VOA News and Xinhua News.