DRC Measles Outbreak Kills More Than 400, Infects At Least 30K, U.N. Says

International Business Times: Congo Measles Outbreak 2015: At least 428 People Killed, 30,000 Infected In Mining Region, U.N. Says
“A measles outbreak in southeast Democratic Republic of the Congo has killed at least 428 people and infected some 30,000 others since the start of this year, the United Nations said Friday. The disease is ravaging the former Katanga province, a copper-mining region which was recently divided into four and is a challenge geographically for vaccination campaigns…” (Winsor, 10/16).

Reuters: More than 400 dead in southeast Congo measles outbreak — U.N.
“…More than 100 deaths and 10,000 additional cases have been recorded since mid-August, when the United Nations committed $2.4 million to fight the outbreak in the former province of Katanga, which was recently divided into four. Humanitarian groups said the money was not enough and poor roads and health services in the region were hindering vaccination drives…” (Ross, 10/16).