DRC Health Ministry Confirms More Ebola Cases; Epidemiologists Work To Find Out Why Children Disproportionately Infected

CIDRAP News: More Ebola cases reported from Beni, WHO update covers more ‘red zone’ risks
“The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) health ministry [Thursday] reported three more lab-confirmed Ebola cases, all from Beni, the current outbreak hot spot. In related developments, field teams are making headway in the main outbreak areas in recent weeks, but big risks remain … The new cases lift the overall total to 223, which includes 188 confirmed and 35 probable cases…” (Schnirring, 10/18).

STAT: An Ebola outbreak presents a new mystery involving children
“Epidemiologists working on the world’s latest Ebola outbreak are racing to try to solve a mystery. Why have so many children — some still infants — been infected with the virus? The disproportionate number of recent infections among children in the Democratic Republic of Congo — specifically in Beni, the outbreak’s current hot spot — has come as a surprise; typically young children don’t make up a big proportion of cases during an Ebola outbreak…” (Branswell, 10/19).