‘Donor Support For The NGO Code Of Conduct Is Vital’ To Reach AIDS-Free Generation

The Lancet: The end of AIDS and the NGO Code of Conduct
James Pfeiffer of Health Alliance International and colleagues

“…The NGO Code of Conduct outlines a set of proposed best practices for NGOs to support local public services. … Donor support for the NGO Code of Conduct is vital. Donors can fund projects that support public health systems and insist that grantees follow the Code’s best practices. The Code consortium is now rolling out a campaign to enlist donors and ministries of health to use the NGO Code of Conduct as a way to hold NGOs accountable. The end of AIDS cannot be achieved through a patchwork of uncoordinated NGO projects, private providers, and underfunded public health systems. Conscientious donors, using the NGO Code of Conduct, can help strengthen local services and build the public national health systems capable of producing an AIDS-free generation” (8/23).