Donor Pledges To Global Fund Will Help Ensure Better Access To Medicines To End Epidemics, Achieve SDGs

Devex: Innovating to the last mile: How access to medicines can end epidemics for good
Christopher Game, chief procurement officer at the Global Fund

“…At the Global Fund we are working closely with the private sector to bring corporate best practices to global health systems, streamlining processes to increase access to crucial medicines and supplies. … Before the last mile can be run in the race to end epidemics, health facilities must be able to effectively procure the supplies needed to keep their communities healthy and safe. … Ensuring better access to medicines will take coordinated teamwork from implementing countries, donors, private sector partners, and on-the-ground implementers to improve procurement and supply chain management systems. Furthermore, the Global Fund partnership’s continued ability to improve these systems will be greatly affected by the funding pledged during its Fifth Replenishment Conference, taking place in Montreal, Canada, in September. The return on investment in the Global Fund is significant … The time to act is now — through strategic funding to increase access to medicines, we can run the last mile, help achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], and ultimately save and improve millions of lives” (7/19).