U.N., World Health Assembly Draft Resolutions Aim To Improve Access To Coronavirus Drugs, Vaccines, Diagnostics

AP: Draft U.N. resolution urges global access to COVID-19 material
“…The proposed resolution obtained by the Associated Press requests Secretary-General António Guterres to work with the World Health Organization and recommend options to ensure timely and equitable access to testing, medical supplies, drugs, and future coronavirus vaccines for all in need, especially in developing countries. The measure, drafted by Mexico and co-sponsored by about 75 countries, encourages all countries to work in partnership to increase research and funding for vaccines and medicine, and to strengthen international scientific cooperation to combat the coronavirus…” (Lederer, 4/17).

STAT: European Union urges the World Health Assembly to pursue a voluntary pool for Covid-19 products
“In a significant development, the European Union has proposed a draft resolution urging the World Health Assembly to voluntarily pool intellectual property as part of a plan to ensure ‘equitable access’ to vaccines, treatments, and other medical products for combating the pandemic. The move, which anticipates the WHA will hold a virtual session next month, comes after the World Health Organization Director General last week endorsed the idea of creating such a pool to collect patent rights, regulatory test data, and other information that could be shared for developing drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics…” (Silverman, 4/16).