Donor Commitments To Vaccinate Will Help Protect World’s Most Vulnerable Children

MSNBC: Immunizing Africa, committing to a healthy future for all
Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance, and Philippe Brault, award-winning photographer and filmmaker

“…[W]hile four out of five children globally now receive at least a basic set of vaccines, there still are 1.5 million children who die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, mostly in poor countries. We must reach that fifth child. …[S]ince it was founded in 2000, [the GAVI Alliance] has helped immunize 440 million people, which will save six million lives. Now, there is a real opportunity to do more. The Alliance has a roadmap to ramp up its activities and immunize another 300 million children by 2020. This will avert the deaths of an additional five million to six million people. At a time when the economies of many donors are still in a delicate state of recovery, it will take commitment and conviction by donors to achieve this goal, alongside the resolve of African leaders and support of global citizens…” (8/26).