Doctors In DRC Hope To Eliminate Ebola By Year’s End; WHO Prequalifies Newly Approved Ebola Vaccine 1 Day After E.C. Authorizes Marketing

Al Jazeera: DR Congo doctors hope to eliminate Ebola by end of year
“Doctors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have told Al Jazeera they hope to reduce the number of Ebola cases to zero by the end of the year…” (Soi, 11/12).

CIDRAP News: WHO OKs Merck Ebola vaccine, paving way for stockpile
“The World Health Organization (WHO) announced [Tuesday] that it has prequalified Merck’s Ebola vaccine, a move that comes just 1 day after the European Commission granted full approval for VSV-EBOV, which is in use on a compassionate basis and under further study in the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)…” (Schnirring, 11/12).

Additional coverage of the Ebola vaccine is available from Bloomberg and VOA.