Displaced Syrians Lack Health Care, Adequate Shelter; At Least 15 Children Dead, UNICEF Says

The Guardian: Displaced Syrian infants dying from lack of health care, U.N. says
“At least 15 children have died in Syria because of a lack of medical care and inadequate living conditions for displaced people amid freezing temperatures, the U.N. has said, warning that more deaths are likely to follow…” (McKernan, 1/15).

The Guardian: ‘Real risk’ of refugees freezing to death in Syria after rains destroy shelters
“At least 11,000 child refugees and their families are facing … freezing temperatures with no shelter, after torrential rains across Syria’s Idlib province [last week] swept away tents and belongings. Aid workers warn there is a real risk people will simply freeze to death as temperatures have already dropped to -1C, amid a shortage of blankets and heating fuel…” (Ratcliffe, 1/12).

U.N. News: Thousands of Syrians in ‘life and death’ struggle amid harsh conditions in remote desert camp, U.N. warns
“Conditions in a makeshift Syrian camp near the border with Jordan are ‘increasingly desperate’ and ‘have become a matter of life and death,’ United Nations officials warned on Tuesday, after at least eight children died there from extreme cold and a lack of medical care…” (1/15).