Displaced Persons, Those Living With HIV Face Challenges In South Sudan

News outlets report on the challenges people living with HIV face in accessing treatment in South Sudan, as well as worsening living conditions among persons displaced by the nation’s ongoing violence.

Key Correspondents: South Sudan: huge drop in treatment rates for people living with HIV
“South Sudan’s Ministry of Health says only 6,800 people living with HIV are currently receiving treatment, less than half the number of people who enrolled for treatment a year ago. Around 16,000 patients registered for free antiretroviral therapy in 2013, which is low compared to the 150,000 people believed to be living with the disease in the world’s newest nation…” (Galli, 7/8).

VOA News: Displaced S. Sudanese Face Worsening Conditions in Camps
“Floods, malaria and malnutrition are making life worse for internally displaced people staying at camps in South Sudan. In Malakal, the country’s second largest city, most people prefer to face difficulties at the U.N. camp rather than return home, where the security situation remains fragile…” (Iob, 7/9).