Digital Technology Can Help Improve Health Care Access, Quality For All

Project Syndicate: The Global Promise of Digital Health
Ann Aerts, head of the Novartis Foundation, and Harald Nusser, head of Novartis Social Business

“…[T]he ongoing digital revolution will allow us to improve health care in ways that were hard to imagine just a few years ago. … We need only seize the opportunities offered by the internet, mobile devices, and other digital technologies, which are already expanding health care access and improving quality of care in hard-to-reach communities. … Still, digital technology is not a panacea, so we must choose our priorities wisely. The first priority should be on outcomes. … A second priority is to improve data literacy. … A final priority is to bear in mind that digital technology is valuable only if it is being used to improve how systems function. … It has been three years since the world ratified the SDGs, including near-term objectives to achieve universal health coverage and universal, affordable internet access. Recent progress shows that we should be optimistic about achieving these targets. But success will depend on whether we can harness the digital revolution for the benefit of all” (10/10).