Different Locales Work To End AIDS Epidemic, Face Challenges, Science Reports

Science: No end in sight
“Tijuana, Mexico, has vastly improved its HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention efforts over the past decade, now providing free antiretrovirals to all infected people. But like many locales around the world, its HIV/AIDS response also illustrates that a vast distance separates the dream of ‘ending AIDS’ — which is gaining increasing attention worldwide — and reality…” (Cohen, 7/16).

Science: Means to an end
“…San Francisco, New York state, and British Columbia, Canada, all are at the vanguard of the movement to end AIDS epidemics, and each locale is tailor-making a response based on their demographics, politics, and scientific convictions of what is needed most. They also have different definitions of what it means to ‘end AIDS.’ But each locale has set the goal line at 2020 — and each faces complex challenges…” (Cohen, 7/16).