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DFID Should ‘Refocus’ Resources, Shift Support To More Local Organizations, Smaller-Scale, Sustainable Interventions

The Guardian: How to solve the aid sector crisis? Don’t employ expats
Emma Nicholson, chair of the Amar International Foundation

“…We call on [the Department for International Development (DFID)] to refocus its resources away from long-term handouts to displaced people and refugees, which encourages dependency, and towards investment in businesses that will help countries improve prosperity and employment. … The solution to many of the world’s problems is to enable development of local people’s own efforts, rather than keeping them hostage to NGOs. … We need more support for smaller charities, more transparency in the bidding process, and a focus on small-scale, but sustainable, economic intervention. … [I]t’s not how much you give, it’s how wisely and how well that money is spent” (4/2).