Devex Highlights 5 Suggestions To Ensure SDGs Get Implemented

Devex: 5 things needed to turn the SDGs into reality
Elizabeth Stuart, team leader for Sustainable Development Goals at the Overseas Development Institute

“…The clock to SDG attainment will start ticking Jan. 1, 2016. Here are five things that will be important to ensure the much-debated goals and targets — and the overarching vision of a new future for everyone — actually start to be implemented. … 1. … Once the outcome document is signed by heads of state in September, governments should work quickly to ensure that all line ministries discuss the implications for their country. … 2. Civil society should also mobilize quickly. … 3. As countries consider national targets — that is, translating the global goals into nationally relevant ones — it will be vital to get the right balance of achievability and ambition. … 4. Once country plans have been agreed, donors will need to work with governments to ensure that financing is available. … 5. Moving quickly…” (7/29).