Health Equity, Investments In R&D Critical To Achieving SDGs

Devex: Opinion: Fighting for global health with ‘one-two punch’ of innovation and access
Jamie Bay Nishi, director of the Global Health Technologies Coalition

“…To reach the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], we must do two things at once: Reach everyone with the solutions we have, while increasing research investments to find the solutions we don’t. … [W]hile expanding access to existing interventions is essential to health equity, it’s also important that global health advocates give equal attention to the need for greater investments in R&D. … The fact is that today, we don’t yet have the tools we need to achieve the health-related ambitions enshrined in the SDGs. But they are clearly within reach — if we continue to invest in R&D while working to ensure breakthroughs emerging from what many consider to be a golden age for biomedical innovation are available to all” (2/13).