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Devex Examines Years-Long Bipartisan Effort To Develop, Pass BUILD Act, Create New U.S. Development Finance Corporation

Devex: How policy wonks, politicos, and a conservative Republican remade U.S. aid
“A United States conservative House Freedom Caucus Republican, a pair of think tank researchers, and a dedicated Democratic senator, along with President Donald Trump’s administration, came together to achieve what in today’s political climate many thought would be impossible. They passed a bipartisan piece of development legislation, transforming a government agency that had long struggled to find support into a new entity twice the size, which development experts believe will better equip the U.S. to finance development objectives. … But how did the Overseas Private Investment Corporation … become a rallying point for potentially the most significant change in U.S. development policy in 15 years? Through a lot of research, a host of meetings, and a little luck…” (Saldinger, 12/5).