Devex Examines Internal Complaint Regarding Appointment Of Zsuzsanna Jakab As New WHO Deputy Director General

Devex: Exclusive: Questions arise over Tedros’ new deputy director-general
“An internal complaint at the World Health Organization’s ethics office has questioned the appointment of Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab as WHO’s new deputy director general as part of the agency’s organizational restructuring in March. The complaint, filed after the appointment and seen by Devex, came from a ‘group of concerned staff members at WHO’ who ‘feel confused and outraged’ by Jakab’s elevation. The complaint alleges that Jakab, while serving as regional director of WHO’s European office from 2010 to early 2019, was a recipient of ‘many allegations of harassment.’ In addition, the complaint also alleges that by appointing 67-year-old Jakab to the position, WHO has violated the retirement age limit of 65…” (Ravelo, 5/8).