Devex Examines Impact Of Bolivian President’s Decision To Expel USAID On Implementing Partners

“USAID implementing partners in Bolivia are bracing for tough times, as illustrated by the case of a two-year grant financed by [USAID] in the country that came too late,” Devex’s “Development Newswire” blog reports. “Days before President Evo Morales announced that USAID was no longer welcome in Bolivia, the agency had notified local partner Fundacion Valles that its $2 million cooperative agreement would be signed in the ‘next few weeks,'” but the future of the grant is unclear, according to the blog, which adds, “Fundacion Valles’ case highlights how Bolivia’s shocking political decision will affect USAID’s nine implementing partners working in the country to improve the health system, protect the environment and help the economy grow” (Morales, 5/7). In a related story, the Los Angeles Times reports on the expulsion of USAID from Bolivia as well as the agency’s challenges in other countries (Richter, 5/6).