Development Funders Must Understand Role In Blended Finance Ecosystem To Achieve SDGs

Devex: Opinion: Development funders — here’s how to leverage blended finance to meet the SDGs
Greg Snyders, global finance partner at Dalberg Advisors and co-leader of the firm’s Investing for Development Practice, and Braden Currey, analyst at Dalberg Advisors

“…For blended finance to mobilize capital at the scale required to address the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], development funders need to think carefully about their role in the blended finance ecosystem. Some organizations will be able to operate across the blended finance archetypes; many more will be best served by specializing in one domain while seeking out partners active in other parts of the ecosystem. This choice of ‘where to play’ for development funders will be increasingly important as more and more companies and financial institutions dip their toe into the blended finance world and seek to make sense of the varied objectives and capabilities of development funders. The growth of blended finance will depend on it” (3/29).