Decriminalizing LGBT Relationships, Sex Work Critical To Ending HIV

The Guardian: We will lose the battle against HIV without LGBT decriminalization
Bisi Alimi, founder of the Bisi Alimi Foundation

“…[O]ur biggest challenge in the fight against [HIV] is people’s reaction to those living with it. This must be addressed as the International AIDS Conference returns to Durban in July. … Efforts to decriminalize LGBT people’s relationships and lives must be at the forefront of discussions in Durban. … The continuous global criminalization of sex work also needs to stop. … There must also be an increased focus on sensitive and humane care and support for people living with HIV in Africa — this is the only way we will drive the epidemic down further. … As we prepare to return to Durban to discuss ‘Access equity rights now,’ we need to commit to ending stigma and discrimination, including eliminating legalized discrimination. Until we do, HIV prevention and treatment will not be accessible or equitable for all” (5/18).