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Debate Over Foreign Aid, Development Continues In Foreign Policy Opinion Piece

Foreign Policy: Aid Amnesia
William Easterly, professor of economics at New York University

“In the latest installment of this endless and tiresome debate over aid, Jeff Sachs struck back this week at my recent article entitled the ‘Aid Debate is Over.’ (Spoiler: In the piece I argue that he lost the argument.) What’s remarkable, however, is that Sachs’ recent retaliation in Foreign Policy takes very little from his previous writings about aid. These omissions seem to imply his own retreat from the original debate about Big Aid and Big Results. … Aid and development are now separate topics with separate debates. Aid can do many other good things even if it cannot drive development, and it is to this smaller aid debate that Sachs devotes his new column, making many sensible points on health aid…” (1/23).