Death Toll From Cyclone Idai Expected To Rise In Southern Africa; U.N. Calls For End To ‘Disaster-Response-Recovery’ Cycle

Associated Press: Over 1,000 feared dead after cyclone slams into Mozambique
“More than 1,000 people were feared dead in Mozambique four days after a cyclone slammed into the country, submerging entire villages and leaving bodies floating in the floodwaters, the nation’s president said…” (Meldrum, 3/19).

The Guardian: Cyclone Idai ‘might be southern hemisphere’s worst such disaster’
“Cyclone Idai, the tropical storm ravaging southern Africa, is possibly the worst weather-related disaster to hit the southern hemisphere, with 1.7 million people affected in Mozambique and 920,000 in Malawi, U.N. officials have said. Storm surge floods up to six meters deep had caused ‘incredible devastation’ over a huge area, the U.N. World Food Programme regional director, Lola Castro, said…” (Maclean, 3/19).

U.N. News: ‘Break the cycle’ of disaster-response-recovery, urges top U.N. official, as death toll mounts from Cyclone Idai
“The destruction unleashed by Cyclone Idai on Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe continues to claim lives and displace thousands, in what the U.N.’s top disaster risk reduction official called on Monday ‘the worst extreme weather event to occur so far this year.’ ‘Cyclone Idai underlines that no matter how effective early warnings are, there is still a huge demand for greater investment in resilient infrastructure in many parts of the world if we are to break the cycle of disaster-response-recovery,’ U.N. Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Mami Mizutori said, extending her condolences to the peoples and governments of the three affected countries…” (3/18).

Additional coverage of the cyclone’s damage is available from Al Jazeera, BBC News, CNN, Reuters (2), and Wall Street Journal.