Humanitarian Aid Groups Work To Address ‘Third Emergency’ Of Food Insecurity In Cyclone-Hit Mozambique

Devex: Humanitarian sector prepares for ‘third emergency’ in Mozambique
“…Mozambique was pummeled with two Category 4 cyclones in the span of only six weeks this year, creating one of the worst weather-related disasters to hit the southern hemisphere on record. Cyclone Idai destroyed about 1.8 million acres of crops and Cyclone Kenneth destroyed another 70,000 acres. Because of this, widespread dependency on food aid is expected to continue until the next main harvest, in April of next year. ‘This is the so-called “third emergency,”‘ said Jean-Dominique Bodard, senior emergency response manager at CARE. ‘The first emergency was Cyclone Idai, the second was Cyclone Kenneth, and the third will be this food security situation that can strike the people if they don’t get proper support’…” (Jerving, 6/19).