CSIS Talks With Malawi President Banda About Women’s Health, Empowerment

The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) “wanted to learn more about how women leaders in Africa are bringing new attention to women’s health and empowerment in their own countries, and to bring those voices into the discussion about U.S. policy priorities for women’s global health,” so a small CSIS team traveled to Malawi and Zambia in December 2012, Janet Fleischman and Julia Nagel of CSIS write in the group’s Smart Global Health blog. “During an interview with President [Joyce] Banda in Malawi, which we have turned into this short video, we were able to ask her about these issues,” they write, adding, “Her response underscored the exciting prospects raised by her tenure as well as the daunting challenges ahead: ‘You know when a woman gets into State House, they notice the little things that would otherwise be ignored by a man,'” such as family planning, maternal mortality, and malnutrition (1/8).