CSIS Research Fellow Discusses Importance Of Prioritizing Nutrition In Food Innovations

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Lab to Fork: A Lost Opportunity for Global Nutrition
Amy Beaudreault, research fellow with the Global Food Security Project and Global Health Policy Center at CSIS, discusses the importance of prioritizing nutrition in food innovations. Beaudreault writes, “The world needs much more than plant-based burgers and non-dairy yogurts to reduce the devastating outcomes of food and nutrition insecurity. The world needs food entrepreneurs to consider the nutritional quality of their products and how to scale up and adopt within specific, at-need global populations. … By including food innovation as an approach to increase food and nutrition security, the U.S. government, academia, and industry can be united collaborators, shared decisionmakers, and effective implementors against the malnutrition scourge” (5/2).