CSIS Report Examines Global Health Security Lessons For U.S. From Brazil’s Actions On HIV/AIDS, Zika

Center for Strategic & International Studies: From AIDS to Zika
Katherine Bliss, senior associate (non-resident), and Chris Millard, associate fellow, both of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, write about this report, “In May 2017, a small team from the CSIS Global Health Policy Center visited Brazil to better understand the country’s approaches toward issues of global health security. … Based on our conversations in Brazil and in the United States, the team concluded that the history of U.S.-Brazil engagement on health, as well as Brazil’s recent experiences addressing the 2015-2016 Zika outbreak and preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, offer important lessons for the U.S. government to consider, both as it rethinks its relationships on health with other middle-income countries and as it advances its health security agenda in the years to come” (10/10).