CSIS Analyses Discuss U.S. Leadership In Global AIDS Response

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Advancing Country Partnerships on HIV/AIDS
Richard Downie, deputy director and fellow for the CSIS Africa Program, discusses U.S. investments to address HIV/AIDS, including support for PEPFAR and the Global Fund. He writes, “The United States should help countries put the foundations in place for a sustainable HIV response, including ambitious but realistic plans to grow their economies and increase the share of domestic revenues allocated to health” (8/9).

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Opportunities for U.S. Leadership at Its Moment of Reckoning on Global HIV
Sara M. Allinder, deputy director and senior fellow at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, suggests three key considerations to guide the Trump administration and congressional leadership on global HIV: “1. U.S. leadership on HIV continues to advance U.S. national interests. … 2. U.S. leadership centers on a proven formula for success. … 3. We know what needs to happen next and we know what is at risk.” The report also demonstrates “how HIV remains a relevant policy priority for the U.S. government” (9/1).

Center for Strategic & International Studies: The Global Fund and PEPFAR
Todd Summers, non-resident senior adviser at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, discusses the roles of the Global Fund and PEPFAR in addressing global HIV/AIDS, and how the two initiatives are complementary and threatened by proposed budget cuts (9/1).